Friday, November 17, 2006

INDO US Nuke Deal Cleared by Senate

US Senate has approved the INDO US Nuke deal by a huge margin with 85 members voting for and 12 against it. This is a huge victory for India as it will virtually mean that India has become part of the nuclear club. It is unofficially official nuclear status.

All the countries in the NSG (Nuclear supliers Group) will now fall in line and have similar deals done with India. This has assured India with stable supply of Nuclear Tech & raw materials. This deal also highlights the fact that US is willing to bet on India in its support for US war against terrorism.
India should not lose the sight of the fact that just passing of this vote in senate is not enough but it also needs approval from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and NSG (which comprises of 45 nations). It is a long way to go for secured supply of tech & raw material but a dent has been made into that refusals.
Earlier this year Australia had raised concerns over India sourcing their Uranium from them & they had expressed their reluctance to supply that to India. France, Soviet Replublic are ready to co-operate with India in this sector but Other countries like China and UK are still apprehensive of Indian intentions.
This deal will also pave the way for Indian bid for premanent seat in the UN security council. UK has already expressed its support for Indian candidature. Now other countries will also accept that view. The only country about whom one must be sceptical will be China.
Okaying deal with India, US has already made it clear that it sees India as a possible front against China. India needs to tread carefully on that path and watch that it is not sandwiched in the politics between US & China.

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