Saturday, December 16, 2006

Indian Age of Spacetech

According to Sources, India is going to test a Reusable Launch Vehicle in the coming PSLV launch scheduled in the second week of January. The forthcoming launch of PSLV(Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) is scheduled between 10-15 january 2007. It will be carrying three satellites, Cartosat II, a foreign made satellite on commercial basis and an experimental space recovery capsule.

All the major countries will be minutely tracking the Indian progress on this front. This technological demonstrator, if successful, will catapult India into the select states who are having this kind of capability. Unlike China, the reentry technology and related technologies are indigenously developed.
India already has a robust PSLV tech to launch satellites in the Polar Synchronous orbit. The PSLV has the capability to launch satellites weighing upto 1.5 ton. India is also in the advanced stages of developing a cryogenic engine for its GSLV, which would be test flown sometime next year. History is proof of the fact that India has always risen as a phoenix from the failure of launch vehicles. Development of all the launch vehicles have preceded by a failure in the respective category. It seems that the history seeks to repeat itself in the case of GSLV too. Though according to me as stated in earlier posts, failure for recent GSLV launch may not be same as stated by the authorities, its better to wait and watch the developments.

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