Friday, December 08, 2006

Russian Lunar dreams

RUSSIA wants to join Lunar Race started by USA. The article here almost says that Russia is unable to fund its space dreams although it possesses requisite technology to attain its goals.

In a gradual shift of tactics it has now associated itself with several others to complete its ambitions. It has tied up European Space Agency wherein it will supply the technology for launches in form of rockets and boosters while the European Space Agency will give financial aid and help Russia with upgrading Launch facilities. It also wants to enter into similar kind of agreement with USA. Russia's Energia has the requisite technology and complete rpadmap as how to reach for the stars. Earlier in this same column, an article had expounded how Russia is close to attaining Nuclear Propulsion Rocket with speeds almost to 1/10th of the speed of light (albeit these are theoretical findings, actual tests may show a great variance in performance)

The current article also reveals a fact that China's space plans are based on the technology provided by the Russia and it was not an indigenious program as claimed by them at the time of the manned space launch in 2003.

The bottomline is that we too need to acquire tecnology at great speed irrespective of mode of acquiring the same. The end result has become more important than the means used to attain the same. Better India wakes up to these facts or remains always a laggards in the race.....

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