Wednesday, March 07, 2007

India & China's pollution affecting World

A recent study by an Texas A & M researcher Mr. Renyi zhang, with the funding from National Science Foundation & NASA has proved(?) that severe pollution from Far east is affecting the weather of the world.

More details of the same can be found here

My Assessment:

A lot is now-a-days being said about the global warming and many nations are also readying themselves to avoid the onslaught of the disastrous repurcussions expected to follow from it. This is precisely why Kyoto protocol came into existence. This protocol is designed to limit the gree house gases (GHG) emissions so as to limit their effect on the weather. About 169 countries and other governmental entities have signed this agreement.

But the very organisation and the country in which they are located i.e America is not the signatory to this protocol. It is an established fact that the very process of industralisation was not started by the developing countries like India and China but nations like Britain & America.
Now these very nations are opposed to emission controls and are also funding research which focus only on developing countries and their responsibilities.
Where were these emission controls when these countries polluted the most? Early industralisation was made on use of coal and diesel and that too when efficient means were not available to use them... At that time the emission was most severe and not now.

Even the studies of emissions and their effect on the weather is done now and all the data pertaining to previous periods is a suspect as reliable instruments were not available at that time.

So I feel that these studies are being funded to form a popular voice against the developing nations which are now posing a threat to developed nations and the focus is being diverted from the responsibilites of the developed nations who have been affecting the weather for not decades like developing nations but for centuries. Those century old emissions are having a cumulative effect now.

countries like USA are worried about the possible financial impact of emission control on their economies, so trying to hold India & China responsible for their own irresponsible behaviour in past..

To counter such subversive tactics, we also should be funding various studies & researches which would focus on the impact of emissions by western countries on the world weather.

Hope our national governments will look into covert warfare done by developed nations and take appropriate action to conter it.

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