Tuesday, September 04, 2007

ISRO & INDIA Should Stop Self Patronising

ISRO has launched INSAT 4CR successfully using GSLV. And lo behold everybody is congratulating other for such an feat. Yes, the flawless launch has added an one more feather to the ISRO's cap. GSLV has been declared completely operational and many more flights of it have been planned. ISRO has also tested new avionics and will be using those next year in PSLV launches. It has reduced the weight of launchers by using this improved avionics.
Yes, this all is true but what is also true is the cryogenic stage carried by GSLV F04 is of Russian origin. We still do not know the exact date when our launchers will be having indigenous cryo engine. The engine was last tested for duration of 8 minutes. It still needs lots of test to be used for actual flight.
The above picture taken from website Bharat-Rakshak shows the GSLV family. It is quite impressive one but the fact remians unless & until we do not have our own cryo engine, future will be suspect. If we really need to compete in the commercial space, we need to stop patronizing ourselves on every launch and direct our resources and eneries on developing more indigeneous content and reducing costs and foreign dependence.
India now need to take up basic research and develop newer and cost effective technologies to compete in international markets.

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