Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nuclear INDIA........

India's hope to ratify the Nuclear Deal with US crashed when the friday's Senate session was disbanded without taking up the Nuclear deal for vote. We need to really think about the India obsession with ratifying the deal with the US. India needs to try to first have proper Nuclear command and control in place before going in for such deals. Or atleast parallely pursue to achieve those goals. Racing to complete such treatise with Nuclear group countries before having proper command and control in place could be politically disastrous for India.
Already in India there is always fight between the three armed forces as to who would handle the Nuclear division. Though handling of the Prithvi & Medium ranged Agni Missiles have been handed over to the Army. Apart from that there is fight for the post of Joint command. then there is a proposal to have a Supreme commander of all three forces which is not even been finalised due to the differences in the opinion of the three branches of armed forces.
This infighting among the forces loses sight of the higher goals that need to be achieved like taking our country to geopolitically more commanding level in th world. We need to plan not for the year or two or five years ahead bu the planning must be at the level of 15-20 yrs ahead. then there must be structures and processes made to trying to achieve that goals.
Only then will we truly progress.

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