Wednesday, October 11, 2006

North Korea's Nuclear Test OR USA's Endurance Test

North Korea in defiance from calls for restraint from the world did carry out Nuclear Test. The weapon tested probably was plutonium based and having a sub kiloton yield. The US of A has downplayed the tests by raising doubts over the possibility of dud rather than a sub kiloton test. A sub kiloton nuclear weapon is used for tactical purposes and this technology is not mastered by all even countries in the nuclear club. It really requires very sophisticated tech to achieve that. If North korea has really tested such a weapon then the neighbouring countries should be more worried as deploying that kind of warhead is easier as compared to the larger convesntional ones.

North Korea has taken full advantage of the America's inability to put order in the middle east. America now seems to be too busy with its war against terrorism in the states like Iraq & Afghanistan. Tough words by Iran has put them in a square and now they find that North Korea has not only threatened but actually carried out the test.

The greater fall out of this would be other states like south korea, Japan going nuclear. Iran would get emboldened and would conduct a nuclear test. Even if that test is unsuccessful, it would also embolden states like saudi Arabia & Egypt to conduct similar militarisation of nuclear weapons. The situation really seem to be very fragile now.

Eurpoean Union has raised the issue of morality when India and Pakistan commented upon the testing of North Korea. European Union should first call up Tony Blair and ask him why is his country in the process of replacing its ageing Tirdent nuclear stockpile. countries like USA & USSR are in the process of replacing their old stockpiles with newer and more adavnced nuclear weapons which do not need physical testing but can be improved upon by working on simulated tests. None of the Nuclear Weapon club have the right to question the right of an country's to conduct an nuclear test. If the nuclear club countries were really serious about eliminating nuclear weapons fromt the earth, they should be the first who should place a example before other countries by destroying their stock piles.
No but each country wants to retain some hold over these weapons as these give them a sense of acknowledgement of power over the others. If a developed nation can harbour such aspirations then what is wrong with other nations also harbouring such thought processes. Does a nuclear weapon become less lethal and impotent by placing in the hands of america rather than in the hands of North korea or India?

Nuclear weapon holding countries double standards have made this world more insecure rather than by the actions of the so called rogue countries. none of these rogue countries have killed as many people as the developed nations have in the name of liberation, democracy & war against terrorism.

These are the states which are more than states & terrorist but truly a terrorst states who would do anything to retain their leverage over the others.

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