Monday, November 06, 2006

Atlast INDIA Cryogenic.......

India for the first time hot tested indigenous cryognic engine. The test lasted for about 50 seconds. cumulatively India has tested that engine for around 6000 seconds. In an hot test all stage elements such as engine, insulated propellant tanks, booster pumps, fill and drain systems, pressurization systems, gas bottles, igniters, cold gas orientation and stabilization system, etc are performing exactly in unison.
Well is this a start of new era in the India's launch capabilities? The crucial point of this engine would be when it is deployed for launching of GSLV D3 rocket successfully thus catapulting India into the select nations club having the technical knowhow to launchan Geostationary satellite. India could further use this technology to even put man into space.
There will also be huge cost savings on the launching of Indian satellites which are presently utilising the services of Arianespace for its INSAT series geostationary satellirtes.
India can also market its launching facilities and also earn valuable revenue from it. which will further help it strengthen its space technology.
The world as a whole is moving towards greater space access and India should care that it is not left behind in this great race.
It is also bit surprising to note that India was earlier not upto the mark in its research in Cryogenic Engines, but suddenly after this test has its morale boosted like no before.
My Own assessment :
I think the indian last GSLV launch failure and this successful test are somewhat linked. I think that the launchwas purposely failed so as to retrieve the russian made cryogenic engine in that rocket and the tech of that was used to bolster the research of our own cryogenic engine. I may be wrong or may be right too.
anyways the boot point is that India has its own Cryo tech now. That is what is important.......

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