Thursday, December 21, 2006

India's perception in GLOBAL Business Circles

In Economic Times dated December 21, 2006, wherein an interview with Karri Kaitue, Chief executive of Outo Kumpu, Finland based stainless steel major, answering to the question "What is the perception about Indian steel companies in Europe after Tata bid for Corus?" said

"India's rapid economic growth is recognised in Europe and the Tata group is respected. In the case of Tata Steel, the perception in the industry is that the company is among the low-cost producers. We do not know what ultimately happens, but I do not expect any resistance in Europe to Tata's taking over Corus. The Mittal controversy over Arcelor has also been settled amicably. While the company is not Indian, L N Mittal is from India and this has made a difference to the perception of the country in business circles."
what was karri exactly meaning when he said "difference to the perception of the country"?
Karri would have meant that NOW Indians are being taken seriously in the International business arena. This could also mean that International (read 'western') business circles compute non-Indian companies run by Indians as Indian and that the gulf that earlier existed between Indians and Non-Indians now also extends to the companies managed by them.
This process of thought can mean that the racist views run deep into the mindsight of all the western countries and is prevalent irrespective of nature of activity by the people there. Let the activity be business or anyother purpose, the racist views still prevail.
My Analysis:
Karri while talking to media had been very dipomatic and tried to remain politically correct wherever possible. The main intention of the interview, it seems, was to introduce the company to the people in India, here. But a small inapropriate combination of wording can sometimes reveal the true feelings or the general view prevalent. The same thing happened with Karri also.
The interview if read correctly gives the impression that Mr. Karri is consciously driving the topic towards products of their company and avoiding all the other questions.
Lets hope that he really meant what he said and what he said was not what it meant.

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