Monday, December 18, 2006

Indo-US nuclear deal

George Bush today signed Indo-US nuclear pact and made it a law. In India, congress would have rejoiced but BJP,who actually put the founding stone for this deal, wants the government to reject the deal, while the Left seems to be unhappy over the over-enthusiasm(so called) shown by congress government to usher in this deal.

Meanwhile, Indian scientists have come together to voice their concerns over the deal. Their main contention has been their views have not been taken into consideration, while entering in this deal. They are also unhappy ovewr various conditions in the deal like India will have to report to US over their non-proliferation regime, which they feel as unwarranted as India should not be answerable to anyone for their own policies. Deal further states that India will not conduct any new nuclear weapons testing, which scientists is wrong as mere two tests cannot be enough to induct nuclear weapons into mainstream military use, and that too when developed nations have done scores of tests before actively inducting in defence forces.
Deal also says that India should align its non-proliferation regime/policies with that of US, which is totally unacceptable as India as being equally democractic country as US is, should have its own agenda, purpose and policy towards nuclear diplomacy in international arena.

The deal though has been made as an act in US, seems to find tough ground in India.

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