Friday, March 23, 2007

Indian Aerospace Force 2020

What are the India's objectives in forming Aerospace Command? Will India be able to make that? What are the obstacles in the path for achieving those goals? Do the Indian Airforce have that kind of capability to run an Aerospace Command? whether the India's strategic moves are aligned towards our goals?

All these and much more has been discussed in the article by Pramod Buravalli on
It discusses the current Indian Airforce demand for strategic fighters be that F16/18, MIG 35, Grippen or Rafale. It discusses the importance of choosing right kind of Fighter planes. Joint development of 7th generation unmanned fighter vehicles and many other things.

A really effective article.....


Sudeep Mirza said...

there is an article in TOI today on Saudi's stand in the world politics.

Editoral page,
Column: Flat World
by Thomas Friedman
From NYT News Service

would like to know ur opinion on it...

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