Tuesday, April 17, 2007


After successful testing Agni III, it is tipped that India has the capability to produce true ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic missile) with the range of 5,500 km & more.

Alongwith that concerns are also being raised whether the India will continue its development of long range missiles in the face of Nuclear Pact with US in 2005. Former DRDO chief K. Santhanam says, India in its wildest dreams does not plan to be global superpower, but where regional superiority is concerned, they definitely would like to have effective deterrent against its backdrop of war history.

Is our former chief justified in saying that we do not aspire to be best or greatest in the world? are we really so afraid of other powers like US that we would do whatever pleases them and nothing beyond that? former chief's commenst reflect the thinking of the government when he was working for DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organisation). This necessarily does not mean our aspirations have not soared.
We need to give a serious thought to our status in global context....

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