Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vladimir Putin Vs Pervez Musharraf

Nobody would dare to compare Russian Prez with that of Pakistan's prez. But some interesting facts,

Musharraf took over reins of Pakistan on October 12, 1999 and declared president of pakistan on June 20, 2001.

Vladimir Putin became acting president of Russia on December 31, 1999 and elected as president on May 07, 2000.

Both the presidents presided over their countries when their respective countries were in bad phase.

Both of them have military background. Putin is an ex-KGB man while musharraf is still chief of military forces.

Both of them wanted to reform their countries and bring prosperity.

Putin had two terms of his presidency to reform his country, which he tried to resurrect his nation using petro dollars.

Musharraf too wanted to reform,which he tried( to limited extent) by embracing war on terrorism.

For both the prez, time was insufficient to implement their policies and achieve their goals.
So what did they both do to retain their aims even after they relinquish their posts.
Vladimir Putin honouring his Duma will stepdown from his post and hand over the reins to the successor. But while doing this, he has implemented 3 year budgeting with focus on long term goals for 10-15 years so that even after he steps down his policies are implemented.
While Mr. (sarcasm) Pervez Musharraf has tried to play with judiciary so that he is able to retain his powers henceforth too. This action of his will lead to people losing faith in him and his policies,which could be disastrous.
The Russian prez policies can be read at timesonline or Times of India

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