Sunday, April 29, 2007

INS Vikramaditya..... & Indian Naval Force

Russian aircraft carrier Gorkhshov rechristened as INS Vikramaditya will now join Indian naval force only in 2010. Last heard the the retofitting being done by Russia will take some more time, it seems they had underestimated the repairs to be made. As per one of the defence website, they underestimated the length of cabling required by almost 20,000 km.

India already has another aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, INS viraat is decommissioned. even INS Vikrant will be decommisioned in 2012. India desparately needs to upgrade its naval force.

India is also in the process of building new indigeneous aircraft carrier of INS Vikrant class of about 37, 500 tonnes. the building has started in 2005 itself and will be complete by 2011. Two more aircraft carriers wer planned in 2007 but the status is not known whether the process has started or not?

China has also 3 carriers. India had sometime back inducted 3 stealth frigates to its force and also 2 INS delhi class ships. 3 more are planned in INS delhi class.
India really needs to speed up the building process. An effective naval foce is an essential in the days when most of the trad is done through high seas....

A really effective force coupled with associations like Indian Ocean Rim Association, of which India is founder can do wonders...

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