Tuesday, May 01, 2007

LTTE & their blackmail

In 2005 when Sri-Lankan government alleged that LTTE (Liberation of Tamil tigers Ealam) has built airstrip and have also acquired 2 small aircraft. It was alleged that LTTE had acquired 2 Czech built Ziln Z-143 aircraft. Nobody would have imagined that it could be such a serious threat 2 years later.

LTTE at that time had warned that if Sri-Lankan government tried to bomb that airstrip, the peace process comes to an end and bloody war will follow. Though Indian and other international intelligence had detected the presence of LTTE personnel taking training in local flying clubs in Europe.

LTTE not only build airstrip but also vindicated the claim that they had acquired aircraft and also carried out three successful attacks on Sri-Lankan terrritory.

The stance by LTTE in 2005 while peace process was on and the attacks later on using the same airforce shows the farcical nature of the peace process LTTE was adhering to. It proves that they never were serious about the peace in the region.

India should that fact into consideration while dealing with LTTE in the future.

Recently Australian Foreign minister Alexander Downer accepted the fact that some amount were being raised intheir country to finance the operations of LTTE. He then terming that as small quantities does not diminish the significance of that fact.

Western governments have always being critical of policies of governments of Countries in Indian sub-continent but never ever gave thought to what was their contribution to the terror in this part of the world.

Recently some of lawmakers in Britain claimed that LTTE are not terrorists. They are supposedly thinking of lifting ban on LTTE imposed in 2001. European seemed to be ignorant of the latest developments on this front. The behaviour of LTTE does not in anyway indicate that LTTE will settle for peaceful solution.

LTTE recently also raided Indian ships and stole huge amounts of foodgrains. there have been instances where large amounts of arms and their spares recovered from Indian soil points to the level of infiltration of LTTE in our country. India allowing LTTE to operate in our country could cost us very dearly considering the fact of Assasination of Rajiv Gandhi by the same LTTE.

Emergence of LTTE as powerbase should India to rethink its strategy of being a passive spectator of Sri-lankan crisis. some of the TN leaders expressing views that taking support of LTTE is not wrong shows the lack of any opinion and thinking on this serious matter.

India should better take a stand now or face the consequences of unabashed behaviour of LTTE later.

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