Thursday, June 07, 2007

Arunachal Pradesh Neighbour's Envy, Owner's Pride

India has besetted itself with problems like gujjar agitation and has been ignoring issues like border dispute with China over Arunachal Pradesh. India should not overlook such issues for petty politics within the country.

Arunachal Pradesh with the potential for hydro electric power 30,000 MW, huge mineral deposits, immense potential for exploration of rare earth minerals and other exotic metals.

China has already engulfed Tibet and has always claimed Arunachal Pradesh as part of China renouncing Mcmahon Line. China is already reaping gains of having tibet. They have found huge deposits of minerals in Himalayan Kingdom (Tibet) and also potential oil and gas deposits.

Recently Beijing denied VISA to an officer from Arunachal Pradesh has brought forward the vexed issue of border with china and Chinese aproach towards the dispute resolving. Earlier also when chinese premier Hu Jintao visited India, an chinese ambassador declared that AP (Arunachal Pradesh) was and will always be part of china and China will reclaim it from India. All the CBMs(confidence Building Measures) between two countries have been nullified by recent developments.

This also shows Chinese reluctance to dialogue and their stance on this issue irrespective of what talks are proceeding towards.

China has recently commissioned railway line linking Tibet with mainland and also developed huge infrastructure in the tibetan kingdom. This all shows Chinese resolve to wrest from India resource rich state like Arunachal Pradesh.

In 1962, when chinese premier had visited India, India had shown them how Indian defence industries are manufacturing pressure cookers for Indian public and shown them shallowness of Indian defence. India now again has talking of joint military exercises with china, which will again reveal them inefficiences of Indian defence.

China, progressing their geopolitical ambitions, have tried to provide military assistance to countries like Pakistan (having stance like Enemy's enemy is our friend), military regime in Bhutan and Myanmar. These all incidences shows hegemonistic ambitions of china and reflect it in their actions.

India while focussing on its economic achievments has been overlooking geopolitical developments in the region and has ignoring military buid up in its neigbouring countries.

India needs to be proactive in its approach towards regional and world politics or else it would be neighbour's pride and owner's envy and not vice versa.

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