Sunday, May 27, 2007

Global Warming, India, China & West

U.S. rejects German proposal to cut carbon emissions - Houston Chronicle: "Fueling hate against a country while not knowing the facts. US & western countries are primarily responsible for the conditions now about green hopuse gases. countries like India & china have now started to produce large amounts of GHG while western copuntries have been doing so for decades. they should only be to bear the costs & not all.."
Even while considering the current facts, the per capita emission of GHGs by USA is 121.3 metric tonnes while countries like India have 1.19 metric tonnes and china 3.2 metric tonnes. On the fact that developed countries have been spewing gases for many decades in the past. Now when they have come to a point where they have already matured their economies, they cannot ask other developing countries to sacrfice their economic growth for GHGs for which they are not at all responsible.
US has now come up with new plan saying all the top 15 countries should reduce emissions. china on the other hand has stated that they will not sacrifice growth for reduction in gases.
NASA has made some statements questioning the reason behind global warming. It reminds me of book "state of Fear" by micheal crichton which questions the logic behind global warming itself.

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