Monday, June 18, 2007

Importance of Pervez Musharraf's Survival

We have an saying An Intelligent enemy is better than Stupid Friend. Even a saying in Persian quotes " An intelligent enemy will help you rise while an ignorant/stupid friend will knock you down"

This is precisely why head of the state like Pakistan should be Pervez Musharraf and some fanatic being a puppet of Jihadis or extermists organisation like Taliban, al Qaeda or jaish-e-etc.
Though both the states i.e. India and Pakistan should strive for peaceful solution for their border disputes (I had earlier also outlined some solution for the same.), the enemity between the states will take quite a long time to reduce to tolerable levels. that would require reducing the influence of extermist organisation on the general public in Pakistan.

In the current situation in Pakistan, there is dearth of suitable/effective alternative to the leadership of Pervez Musharraf. Pervez Musharraf has tried his efforts towards reducing jihadi elements in its country by joning the "war against terrorism" by George Bush of America, a lot still needs to be done on that front. Benazir Bhutto has been residing in London for quite long time now fearing the arrests in her own country for her misdeeds while in regime. Nawaz sharif has been exiled to Saudi Arabia for his disloyalty to Pakistani army and can do nothing more than ocassional comment on Pakistani affairs (recently he claimed technically still to be Prime Minister and Rafiq tarar as President). No other person currently in the cabinet is as effiecient to be runing the country. Even the current prime minister Shaukat Aziz is a Banker by profession, worked with world bank earlier, not very proficient in politics (he initally was finance minister).
The only sore point in his rule was the way in which he has handled his continuance of his as head of state and implement his policies. I had compared his tenure with that of Vladimir Putin earlier. Recent bluffs called by Pervez Musharraf with Judiciary of Pakistan has got hit in face, but considering his hold on the state and the statemanship and political activism displayed by him earlier in his rule would make him prevail the current crisis also.

Along with that we also need to realise that Pakistan, though helping USA in its fight against terrorism, is also major source of terrorism in the world. Most number of terrorist organisation are fostered in Pakistan and find safe refuge there. Even Defense Secretary of USA Robert M. Gates had commented in the same words the contribution of pakistan towards extermist organisations.

BUT, in his absence, there is no formidable personality to take his place. This is also the reason why the leadership in USA is also hesitant to replace him or oust him from his place. No body can afford to allow the elements, who are responsible for deadly acts across the world to take over the power of the state. That would give rise to thousand more A Q Khans and like. Nuclear Proliferation would be order of the day and not only 9 states but more than 15-20 harbouring aims of nuclear power would find their hands on nuclear arsenal and technology of Pakistan.

We cannot afford to have an neighbour which is completely irresponsible having its head of state from the organisation like Al Qaeda or Taliban. Nuclear arsenal in those hands would make south asia a nuclear flashpoint. Nuclear war will seem to be eminent. Such leadership will have serious bearing on our ability to project our country as safe state to do business with.

All the above factors point to a single thing that in the absence of successorto Pervez musharraf, his stability is most important for India.


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