Saturday, July 28, 2007

Indo-US Nuclear Agreement : Indian Govt reasoning and Way out as per Arun Shourie

Arun shourie has in this article demonstrated how India can increase its stockpile of nuclear weapons.
IntelliBriefs: Indo-US Nuclear Agreement : Indian Govt reasoning and Way out as per Arun Shourie

India should not only be counting on US help and imported uranium for its energy needs. It needs to fast forward its breeder reactors to reduce dependence on imported uranium and try to achieve sufficiency atleast for its weapons programme. The more fast breeder reactors we have, faster would be growth in our potential of nuclear power.

The study by Ashley Tellis, Architect of Indo US nuclear deal details that all the nuclear reactors in India (including the ones which are being constructed) will not require more than 30,000 tonnes of uranium in their entire lifetime. These are the reactors which are being used for weaponisation programme. Apart from that all the nuclear reactors used for power generation will not use more than 15,000 tonnes of uranium in their entire life time. India has total of 78,000 tonnes of proven uranium reserves. If enough research is done, the figure could go on higher side also.

Fast breeder reactors (reactors which give more uranium as output than the quantity consumed by it) are an interesting concept which will help increase the stockpile. so if we have one breeder reactor for every conventional reactor, we can completely eliminate the search for more uranium.

My Analysis

The nuclear deal with US is not for just import or more access to uranium but to be respectfully included in the group of nuclear equipped countries and in effect, diminish the value of NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement). Nuclear deal will not only give access to more uranium worldwide (Australia is considering exports of uranium to India) but also other nuclear raw material and technilogy available with the NSG group.

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