Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pact without Bargain with Austalia----India's foolishness

Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson is on a visit to India to strengthen defence ties, particularly in the maritime survellance. It is being alleged by China that Australia, US, Japan & India (so called "axis of democracy") are seeking to "contain' China.

It is true to some extent that Australia and Japan have been wary to growing military might of China in the Asia Pacific region. Australia's Defence Minister before coming to India was in China and has tried to assure China that nobody is planning against China. even Indian Prime Minister has conveyed to Chinese Premier that they are not ganging up against China. In Short, everybody has tried to allay Chinese fears. But the situation on the ground remains different. US has still not made any comment on these developments or chinese allegations.

Brendan Nelson will sigining a pact with India for exchange of information. This will basically cover future defence deals, joint research projects and other co-operation where it is necessary for military of both countries to share classified information.

My Analysis & Recommendations:

Japan is an traditional nemesis of China and has always been wary of growing Chinese military might. Japan does not have armed forces of its own. Its military security is the responsibility of US and so japan has maintaining close ties with washington. Japan is concerned about China being militarily as well as economically growing at a fast pace. Until now, Japan was only the only economic super power in Asia Pacific region. It finds its position to be under threat now.

Australia has very close ties with US and has always supported US in all its deciions right from Iraq invasion to War against terrorism. Austalia being a island continent has being wary of chinese might in asia Pacific waters. it had recently also raised concerns about chinese A-sat (anti-Satellite) test and its repurcussions. It defintiely wants to curb the power5s of China.

US has not found enough ground in Asian region and has been trying to contain growing might of china. it has also being wary of China's attitude towards Taiwan and has also decided to extend missile sheild over Taiwan too.

India has own concerns and has always overlooked geo-political equations. India's approach towards international politics hasbeen pathetic with unable derive gains from its realtions with other countries. Even now when Australia, Japan and US are tyring to enlist India for conatinament of China, India should hard bargain and try to get maximum benefits from the same. India is rarely leveraging its influence on Indian Ocean Rim Association (formed by India with countries surrounding Indian Ocean). neither has India given thought to leverage this pact to get Australia moving on export of uranium to India, which is of prime importance to India.

India should try to persuade Australia to change its stance on export of fissile material to India, which it has stopped after "Pokhran 1998". It should also try to push nuclear pact with australia also on the same lines as with US. Indian navy should play a greater role in Asia Pacific region. Indian navy has always been on forefront to contain piracy onhigh seas and has always helped australia for that.

India should not fall prey to "democracy' plea of these countries and leave a chance which could benefit them. every pressure tactics have to be used to deieve maximum gains.

Lets hope India understands this......

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