Monday, October 29, 2007

Israel's raid on Syria -- What is law?

Last Month, Israel carried out a surprise raid on Syria alleged Secret Nuclear Reactor. No explanations, no clarifications was given for the raid. After the raid, reports emerge of possible nuclear reactor being bombed out. Satellite images are circulated around the world wide web and quietly votes are garnered for the act.
Neither Israel not US (staunch ally of Israel) have made any comments on the raid carried out. The news is just buried out. While as any comments by the so called Axis of evil or an of the nation opposing US are widely discussed and explanations are sought, sanctions are planned, threats are issued. Why this double standards bu these nations.
Does Syria does not have any rights? Do all the survival rights reside with only Israel and those believing in Israel? & Why when Turkey wants to oust kurdish rebels, so much opposition is meted out, while an unauthorised, illegal, unwarranted raid is carried out on a nation, no single word is being uttered?
Everybody knows that US does not give a damn what happens to other countries till its interests are concerned. US while attacking Iraq did not care whether it had WMD or not. It does not care whether what happens to beacuse of global warming and does not sign kyoto protocol.
yeah, but it does care what statements did Ahmedijinad makes, what Turkey thinks about kurds?
It is glad to know that, though after a month, El- Baradei has lasheds out at Israel for its taking the law into their hands. Israel should be tried in international court of law for violating other countries airspace. It should be made to compensate Syria for the damage caused.
If countries like Israel & US will not follow International law, what could we expect from nations who are ruled by dictators & ruthless military regimes?

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