Friday, October 26, 2007

Tejas (Light Combat Aircraft Weaponised), test fires combat missile

Light Combat Aircraft developed by India and rechristened as "TEJAS" has formally tested a combat missile. It fired a short range combat missile to test the endurance and flutter disturbances not only on high altitudes but also while firing of missiles.

This test has demonstrated that Tejas is now worthy of armament integration. This missile is developed by Hindustan Aeronautics limited (HAL). Contributions were also made by NAL (National Aerospace laboratories) and IAF (Indian Air Force).

Tejas has till now recorded total of 763 sorties but is still away from being declared as operational. It has the latest fly by wire technique installed in it, which is a state of art technology. The expected date to be operationalised is 2010. It made its maiden flight in 2001.

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