Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pact with Singapore---Securing Boundaries

On 9th October, India and Singapore signed a long term defence agreement, wherein both the countries will conduct joint training and give fresh impetus to defense tis between both countries.
India will lease out military bases to Singapore for five years on payment bases. Kalaikunda base is being leased out where singapore will station most advanced F-16 fighter aircrafts. India will also get to learn a great deal about the advanced technologies used by that nation. singapore has one of the most advanced military forces in the world.

Singapore has one of the highest per capita expenditure on defence in the world. The armaments maintained by it one of the most sophisticated. The pact will give India a paak into the advanced technologies in the world of defence.

Singapore has simliar kind of pacts with nations like France, US, Australia and Taiwan.

India and singapore have been jointly patrolling in the Indian Ocean for security to the commercial vessels in malaicca straits.

The deal will also provide intelligence inputs to India on high seas.

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