Saturday, February 15, 2014

Race with China.. where does India stand..??

ISRO denied having any race with China.. India has always denied having any kind of race with china,whether that is of arms, exports, natural resources, space or technology. 
At the same time, we cannot ignore the comparitive between India and China. Lets start with basic facts:

Parameter: India China
Total population 1.2 billion 1.34 billion
Area 3.3 Million Sq Km 9.7 Million Sq Km
GDP(nominal) $1.9 Trillion $8.25 Trillion
Per Capita (per person per year) $1,592 $6,094
Now comes Military comparison
Active Personnel      1.325 Million 2.285 Million
Military Budget       $48.9 Billion $114.2 Billion
Total Aircraft Strength   1,962 2,743
Helicopters         559 100
Total Tanks         3,555 7,950
Armoured Fighing Vehicle  2,293 18,700
Self propelled Guns     330 2,500
Mulitple Launch Rocket System    
System           292 2,600
Total Navy Ships      170 972
Aircraft Carrier      1 1
Submarine Strength     15 63
Frigates          14 47
Destroyers         8 25
Corvette          24 0
Amphibious Assault craft  16 228
Maximum Range of Missile 3 3,000 tested 13,000 tested

There can still many parameters that can be compared. There are certain important points to be notes. India and China have been top importers of arms in last three years. what has changed is China has become fifth largest exporter of arms too (5 yrs ago, the export was nil).

India has always been in denial mode with regards to competition with China.

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