Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Karachi in flames

Never before in history of Pakistan has seen protest by the public against the ruling power. After the Musharraf suspended Mr. Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, this happens to be one of the most violent protest in pakistan till date. Mr Chaudhary had shown guts to test the mettle of Musharraf led government.
Musharraf in race to hold on to its post, has undone the popularity gained by him after his successful coup in 1999 dethroning Mr. Nawaz Sharif. I had earlier also tried to bring out the mistakes made by Prevez Musharraf in comparison to Vladimir Putin and had remarked that the wrong way chosen by musharraf to implement his policies.
In zeal to cling to the power and bring out requisite changes in the system, one first has to adhere to it. Pervez Musharraf has instead chosen to play with one of the basic foundations of efficient state i.e. Judiciary.
The situation can be more aptly described as "catch-22' for India.
The question now is not whether Mr chaudhary will be reinstated or not? But the million dollar question is whether public of pakistan be able to assert themselves and make themselves heard by their rulers? Or will this spark of new found enthusiasm in the minds of public bring a monumental change in the politics of the state of Pakistan?
Both the results need to be analysed very carefully. It must be noted that to resolve any dispute with the neighbours, a stable regime is always warranted. One cannot reason with suicide bombers and expect them to thnk rationally. So stability of Pakistan is of utmost importance to India. In the event of pakistan's public unrelenting to the pressure ay spark of revolution in the country, which may lead to civil war. This would ultimately weaken the hold of rational people over the nuclear assets of Pakistan. With Persons like A. Q. Khan still being around, we cannot risk nuclear assets falling into rogue hands.
On the other hand, if the government is successful in stopping the violence and assert its decision over the people of Pakistan, this will permanently subdue the efforts of the public to bring democracy in the country. This will ensure that whoever rules Pakistan, will always rule with an iron hand and our neighbourhood will always remain an turbulent one.

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